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Want to send a note to somebody at Nappaland Literary Agency? There’s good news and bad news:

First, the good news: Yes, you can send us a note. In fact, we’ll likely be happy to hear from you.

And the bad news: Because not everyone is as considerate as you are, we had to disable our general contact email. There was just so … much … spam. And way too many people who were maniacally angry at us for declining to represent their work. So, you know, we finally decided not to subject ourselves to that anymore.

What that means is you are no longer able to send us unsolicited email. Sorry (sort of). Instead we’re using the “Leave a Note” function of to enable people to contact us.

If you’d still like to get in touch, here’s what to do:

  1. First, you must be logged into your account, so go ahead and do that.
  2. Next, select and highlight this text: CONTACT NLA
  3. Click the padlock icon in the toolbar that pops up.
  4. Write us a short note, and click “Send.”
  5. We’ll respond as is appropriate.
  6. About Book Queries: If you’re sending a query and we’re interested in seeing more, we’ll share an email address you can use to send a full proposal. If you don’t receive a response to your query within two weeks, that means we’re going to decline the opportunity to represent your work (and we’ll be sure to kick ourselves and say “they told us so!” two years from now when you hit the bestseller list).
  7. If your note is about something else, we’ll follow-up as best we can.
  8. Be aware that we don’t respond at all to hate mail. Honestly, we don’t even read that stuff anymore. We just hit delete and “block” as soon as we see what it is. So you’ve been warned.

That’s it! We hope that’s helpful, and that in two years you actually are so successful we really are kicking ourselves and saying, “They told us so…”

Hey, we all can dream, right?

Love Note: Photo by Rinck Content Studio on Unsplash




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Nappaland Literary Agency

Nappaland Literary Agency


Nappaland Literary Agency is an independent creative group dedicated to publishing books that are: Authentic. Relevant. Eternal.