NLA Services

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Nappaland Literary Agency is pleased to offer the following services:

  • Author representation
  • Classroom instruction on writing topics and the business of publishing.
  • Contract editorial (for publishers only)
  • Manuscript critique (for publishers or literary agencies only)
  • Creative consultation (for publishers or literary agencies only)
  • Book contract advisement (for authors or publishers)
  • Works-for-Hire manuscripts (for publishers or packagers only)

To send a query regarding any of these services, please use our Contact NLA page.

NLA does NOT offer the following services:

  • Book doctoring
  • Business or legal advice
  • Editorial contacts
  • Ghostwriting
  • “How-to” advice
  • Manuscript critiques
  • Mentoring
  • Referrals.

Queries with these requests will largely go unanswered. Thank you for understanding.




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Nappaland Literary Agency

Nappaland Literary Agency


Nappaland Literary Agency is an independent creative group dedicated to publishing books that are: Authentic. Relevant. Eternal.