What We Represent at Nappaland Literary

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Thanks for your interest in Nappaland Literary.

Please be aware that NLA is not a “general interest” agency. We’ve targeted a few, specific book categories to represent. If you send us anything that’s not in these categories, well, that’s like delivering auto parts to a guy who ordered pizza. It just wastes everybody’s time.

What We Represent (in alphabetical order):

  • Family/ Parenting
  • Historical Nonfiction
  • Literary Fiction
  • Pop Culture
  • Religious Inspiration
  • Suspense Fiction
  • Women’s Nonfiction
  • Young Adult (fiction and nonfiction)

What we Definitely Do NOT Represent (so please don’t send them to us)

  • Children’s books
  • Memoirs
  • Graphic novels
  • Romance
  • Anything about cats.

To send a query about a proposal, please use the Contact NLA page on this site.




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Nappaland Literary Agency

Nappaland Literary Agency


Nappaland Literary Agency is an independent creative group dedicated to publishing books that are: Authentic. Relevant. Eternal.